Lime Bark Bushcraft Day

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Using lime bark to create containers, rope and string

On this special course, we will be looking at the fascinating process of turning coppiced bark into delightful containers, and the finest of ropes/strings. 

Lime bark is a fascinating natural material.  When the sap is at its highest, the bark can be removed from the wood with specialist tools and know-how.  This then allows us to produce some quite unique products, including lime bark containers, rope and string.

During the day you will:

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£95 per person

£160 for two people

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About the instructor

Dave Watson has devoted his life to using his bushcraft skills to help develop, train or mentor people from all walks of life. He spent ten years working for outdoor activity centres, before setting up Woodland Survival Crafts in 1995.

Dave’s passion for ancient survival skills, or ‘bushcraft’ as it has become known, stems from his teenage years when he spent much of his time wandering around Britain in semi-wild places trying to live off the land. His passion is infectious and his knowledge is endless.


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